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Welcome to Car Heads

Car Heads is an up and coming domainĀ for car heads of all kinds. Our team of expert writers cover everything a car enthusiast, petrol head and layman would be interested. Our team have many years of experience offering advice on how to choose a car, how to run a car in many different situations and what life is like living for the thrill of driving.

We have a great collection of car reviews that allows you to imagine yourself driving and owning that car. Our reviews will help you decide if you want to own the car, if you can afford to buy that car and then if you could live and afford to run that car. Our reviews are designed to help you.

Car Culture is addictive thanks to the motorsports, the films and TV shows dedicated to cars and drivers and the music that has made driving such an inspirational theme. Car Culture is so embedded in our society that, we, at Car Heads, feel it is our duty to cover as much of it as possible.

With the cost of buying a car outright becoming more and more difficult for many people, we have seen a rise in finance options in order buy a car and the rise of car leasing. Our experts will show you what are the best options when it comes to financing a car and leasing a car for either personal or business use and who are the best companies to approach.