Frosty This Morning: Here Is How To Drive

The temperature is dropping fast. You probably woke up this morning to freezing winds and frosty roads. Your car windows and windscreen were probably frozen. You may even have to deal with ice on the road. With winter approaching, as well, we could experience snow, which makes driver more dangerous.

Should I drive to work?

When it is frosty, you are usually quite safe to travel to work. You have very little to worry about except the possibility of the occasionally slippery point. However, when the snow starts to fall and the ice forms, we suggest you simply stay at home, put kettle on and wrap up warm.

The driving conditions that snow and ice causes are dangerous and unpredictable. At any moment, you could hit an icy patch and go sliding or you could attempt to break in the snow and again end up sliding into the car in front of you.

Your job is not worth your life and if it is possible to work from home, then we suggest you do just that.

If you have to…

If it is essential that you do drive, we have some safety advice. First, drive slowly. The slower you drive, the more control you have. If you are speeding above 30 mph and you hit an ice or snowy patch, the likelihood is that you will go spinning and crash. This goes for when you accelerate, do it slowly and in a controlled fashion. If you accelerate too much you could cause the wheels to spin from lack of grip and lose control of your car.

Understand your car

Most cars these days have traction control and ABS. This means that you as the driver can be far more in control when it comes to driving in the dangerous conditions.

With regards to using ABS, if you are driving on a snowy road and you need to avoid hitting an obstruction, brake hard! By doing this, you engage ABS and that prevents your car wheels from locking up. If you do it wrong and your wheel do lock up, release the brake and try again.

If you skid

When you are unfortunate enough to experience a skid, remember to turn into the skid rather than against it. If you turn against it, you will cause yourself to spin out and likely cause an accident. However, if you turn into the skid and let off the throttle, you should be able to get the car under control again.

With winter approaching, make sure you drive safely and if the weather is very bad, just stay at home.

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