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Which Are The Best Winter Driving Gloves?

If you have woken up recently, you will have felt the cold, especially if you have to leave your house. You step out of that front door and need to warm your car up. You either scrape the frost off or wait for it to melt through turning the heating off, but in the meantime, you watch your breath in front of you. And then you touch that steering wheel and feel the cold seep into your hands. If you need to drive to work in the cold mornings of winter, slip your hands into some comfortable, snug driving gloves and enjoy the drive, whilst the car heats up around you.

Ralph Lauren Driving Gloves

Ralph Lauren Driving Gloves

Ralph Lauren is famous for its rampant obsession with the vintage-auto World. You see it often in their advertising and fashion campaigns. So you will not be surprised to find that they have their own leather driving gloves. These supple globes come with intricate perforations and a snapped tab closure for that vintage look. They do also come with a thin elastic in the cuff to ensure you have that comfortable feel.

Dents’s Fleming & Bond Driving Gloves

Dentsd Bond Gloves

Dents have long been known as the quality producer and distributor when it comes to driving gloves in the UK. With the release of the James Bond film, Skyfall in 2012, Dent released the Bond driving gloves. These were the classic unlined leather gloves with hairsheep inside for additional comfort.
With the release of the film, Spectre last year, Dents also launched the Fleming driving gloves. These gloves were worn by Daniel Craig in the film like their predecessor, they are unlined hairsheep leather driving gloves. The cuffs are elasticated and do have a snapped tab closure. Want to feel like the World’s most famous (contradiction) superspy this winter… get these gloves. Both pairs.

Dents Fleming Gloves

Dents’s Silverstone Driving Gloves

Dents Silverstone Gloves

Dents have also launched their Silverstone Driving gloves. These gloves are designed for the modern driver, with touchscreen technology installed so that you can still use your smartphone and tablets without having to remove your warm comfy gloves. Silverstone gloves have a cut out back, with knuckle holes and a snapped tac closure. They are also unlined giving a closer fit.

Ferrari Cavallino Rampante Driving Gloves

ferrari gloves

For all of you who love to drive and are passionate about cars, Ferrari’s driving gloves are essential. Made from genuine soft nappa leather in Italy, these gloves are made up of a delicious red and grey-black. These are cut out backs with studded snapped tab closure and with knuckle holes. They give you a soft, comfortable feel that should be required for everyone who can afford them.

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