National Bestselling Cars Around the World

People love cars and the majority of them need cars for their daily needs. This is why car sales have been rising every year for decades. Throughout those decades there have been cars that continue to be sold, whilst others fall by the wayside. Here are the national bestselling cars of all time.

The Cars

  •  In America, we have the Ford F-Series that has been selling since 1948 until the present day. In that time, it has sold over a very impressive 34 million cars.
  • Over the Atlantic in the UK, the bestselling car of all time is the Morris Mini. It was selling from 1959 until 2000 and in those 41 years, it sold 5,505,874 cars.
  • Cross the Channel in France and you will find a lot of Renault Clios. Having been on sale since 1990, this French hatchback has sold an impressive 12,300,000 cars.
  • In Spain, the Seat Ibiza is king having sold 3,949,597 since it was first launched in 1984.
  • In Germany, one of the World’s most popular cars, the Volkswagen Golf has been in sale since 1974. Since then, the Volkswagen have sold over 25 million Golfs.
  • Italy is a big fan of the Fiat Uno and since 1983, this small hatchback has sold over 8,800,000 million cars.
  • Czech Republic look a good saloon and the Skoda Octavia appear to have taken the country by storm since it was launched in 1996. It has sold over 6 million cars.
  • Head north in Sweden and you will find the Volvo 200 Series is their bestseller with over 2,862,573 cars sold during its production time of 1974 and 1993.
  • Ukraine was a big fan of the Zaz Zaporozhets whilst it was in production between 1960-1994. They bought over 3,433,444 cars in that time.
  • Poland enjoys the 124P. It was in production from 1973-2000 and sold 3,318,674 cars.
  • Turkey love a good Renault and the Renault Symbol is their chosen car with over 260,000 sold since it started production in 1999.
  • India is a unique and vibrant country and their bestselling cars matches that. The Hindustan Ambassador sold over 4 million cars between 1958 and 2014.
  • Over in China, the Volkswagen Santana is their bestseller. Between 1984-2013, Volkswagen sold 1,670,000 cars in China.
  • Next stop is Japan with their Toyota Corolla. Since 1966, Japan have bought 12,200,000 cars.
  • Malaysia enjoys the Perodua Myvi. Since it went on sale in 2005, it has sold over 1.5 million cars.
  • In Australia, the Ford Falcon is the bestselling car, having sold 3 million cars since 1960.

Leasing those cars

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The national bestselling cars infographic

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