Ken Block's new Hoonicorn V2

Roaring Fun – Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2

Ken Block is famous for having the wackiest designed cars both through their engine and ability but also the way they look. His most famous car to date is the Hoonicorn. It was a special custom designed Ford Mustang with 845 bhp and an all-wheel drive system. It was made truly famous when Block used it in Gymkhana 7 to tear up the streets of Los Angeles.

Well, now there is a new Hoonicorn.

The Hoonicorn V2.

The first Hoonicorn has a 6.7-litre Roush Yates V8. The Hoonicorn V2 has an additional two turbos that can crank out 1,400 bhps. That’s a whole 500 bhp more than its previous version.  Those two additional turbos actually stick out of the bonnet for all to see. A slightly different design from having the engine sticking out of the bonnet.

The second reason for the turbos to be sticking out of the bonnet is to allow the new force induction system to work. This means that the turbos to suck in fresh air from the front, whilst the turbine wheels venting exhaust gases just in front of the cowl. This means that there are no intercoolers, which had led to methanol being selected as the fuel of choice. Methanol is a popular fuel choice for motor racing so it seems appropriate for it to be used in this beast of a car.

Gymkhana 10?

There is a wonderful rumour going round.

Ken Block will be putting this new Hoonicorn into use for the 18th October. You will not want to miss this event. Hopefully, Ken Block uses it as the car for his new Gymkhana 10 video because then you will see exactly what this beast can do.

Keep your eyes open.

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