The Zombies Are Coming!

Just imagine that the worst has happened. The films and the TV shows actually predicted the future and Zombies roam the Earth. What can you do to survive?
Get in a car and drive! That’s what!
The real question is what car do you jump into?

Speedy Exit

Many of us, including myself would want to get out of the danger zone as fast as possible. I would also want to take a few friends with me too, or maybe a family member. With that in mind, I think I’d take a Ford Focus ST. It will have the space for at least 3 friends, maybe a 4th with a bit of a squeeze.
This car is a total lifesaver thanks to its top speed of 154 mph. No zombie could outrun me at that speed. Also thanks to its 271 bhp, it can set off faster than those flesh eaters with a 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.

Dispersing the zombies

Now some of us would never run away when the zombie horde arrives in town. Those people would stand and fight and try and take out as many zombies as possible. There really is only one car for them. The Crowd dispenser also known as the Land Rover Discovery.
The size and strength of this car, plus its own level of speed, allows the fighters to smash through the horde with ease. Plus, our favourite part is the fact that the sound system in the Discovery is immense, so imagine yourself blasting out some of your favourite songs, whilst making those Zombies fly.

Armoured Unit

Protecting the family is essential in a zombie crisis. After all, no one wants to kill their zombie husband or parent and therefore you need a car strong enough to withstand an attack. It needs size. It needs weight. It needs to be strong.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee covers all those necessities. Whilst you will be sat in amazing comfort, lock those doors and you will be safe. The zombies bashing on the windows may be rather unnerving, but ones inside the Jeep, you will be safe and sound. Well at least until the giant mutant zombie appears, but I wouldn’t worry… they only appear in films. You will be fine escaping the danger zone.

Storage support

You collectors and hoarders don’t need to worry. If the zombies are far off, but heading towards you, there is still time. Grab all your valuable possessions and throw them in the back of your Skoda Superb.
The Superb comes with a boot capacity of 625-litres. However, if you are happy to go solo and willing to only take one companion rather than 5, you can drop those back seats and almost double the capacity. It is your choice really… people or possessions.

Saving the people

There are those who truly care about others. They care so much about human life that they are willing to risk their own to rescue others. Their first thought isn’t the best way to escape or run Zombies over, but to jump in their Ford Transit van and race off to pick up the wounded. This is possible because the Ford Transit in all its varieties has amazing load capacity in the back, so you can save quite a few.

Long distance

To be honest, the main aim when the zombies come is to survive. The best way to survive is to get as far away from the danger zone as possible. That means you need to jump in a far that can take you far without having to worry about filling up constantly.
The Peugeot 208 is by far the car to get if distance is your aim. With a combined fuel economy of 94.2 mpg this car will take you far away from the Horde before you ever have to worry about filling up again. Well that is unless you travel so far that you run into another horde, but you can worry about that when it happens.

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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